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Welcome To Kenya Online Pharmacy We Purchase & Deliver Drugs, Medical Equipments, Care For Your Family & Loved Ones At Your Door Step, Your Nairobi Chemist Drug Store........
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Location: Portal Place House, 3rd floor, Rm 310. Muindi Mbingu Street
Contact: 0724 779400

Wellcome to Kenya online Pharmacy,buy and delivery of medicals,Nurse assistants,care for eldery,travel to kenya

We guarantee our patient to deliver exact medicine prescribed by their doctors.
In our Kenyan market many people have complained to be sold drugs which are not as per the prescription and they end up going back to their doctors for clarification,feel free to inquire from us and you will never be disapointed.
'Private and Confidential,We have clients who need private and confidential medicine from the pharmacy,most of them end up not consuming the prescribed drugs due to insecure of purchasing the drugs without privacy, this your time to inquire for purchase through our online pharmacy with a guaranteed privacy purchase and delivery at your door step,office or place of convinience.
those who feel hard to go for condoms,libido drugs,emergency pills,pregnancy kits,lubricant gel,Personal Hiv test kit,Pregnancy test kit,from the over the counter pharmacy this your time to purchase through us and get your products.
We value your health and time consumed during the purchasing time spent, we will appreciate saving your working hours and purchase and deliver drugs in your working places and homes.Kindly call,sms or log in and chat live with us and inquire for any service needed.
Direct Orders to recipient for those who have been buying drugs for their relatives this your time to feel secured and trust our services because our aim is to purchase the prescribed drugs and deliver them at the right time to your beloved relatives,friends and family members.Many patients have been bought what is not prescribed and they end up taking longer to heal or delayed receive of medical needs.You can order deliveries to office, school,home or in Kenya town .
Kenya community living abroad
are most wellcome to our service.
Supply of surgicals to our esteem clients as per the order, corporate companies,parastatals,schools,vehicles this your time to order and refill your first aid box with our first Kenya online pharmacy.Its advisable that First aid Box fully equipped be within reach of short distance.
If you're concerned about your personal safety and security, don't worry - you're safe with us! Our staff of licensed, accredited and technicians will make sure the Kenyan prescription drugs you order are the right product for you. They can also answer your treatment questions and provide counseling services. All Kenyan drugs are manufactured according to the same strict medical standards.
Private Nursing Services: We offer personalised Nursing services,Home Nursing Care Kenya: Home Health Nursing & Therapy,in Nairobi and other Kenya towns with Certified Nursing Assistant-Nursing Services includes, direct patient care,Drug administration and injectables,Blood pressure and blood sugar Monitoring,dressing,stitching wounds,bathing,in house services and more we help to take care of taking patient to the Hospital to see a Doctor for visits and reviews,with history of the patient for Doctors easy way to understand.We will make a difference in the lives of your patients,children and beloved every day, one-on-one.Kenya Home Health Nursing & Therapy and Rehabilitation, Nairobi Kenya.
Eldery Care: Hallo Having an elderly person who needs special care from bathing,personal visits and medical check up progess,encouragment,physiotherapy,dressings,counselling,Dietary advise,nurturing, love and compassion.
No one wants to live with, and take care of an old person who is ill and generally difficult deal with due to physical and emotional problems, that often require more care than they can provide. It is hard to see someone you love slip away. With the aid of a good home caretaker , the burden is eased, yet some of these people leave a lot to be desired.Lack of a care taker is a serious problem for older people who have chronic conditions and limitations on their ability to care for themselves and their homes. Their problems are often compounded by increased medical costs due to poor health and the need for more supportive services.We come today to make this happen to your loved ones,
Kenya Tourism: Travelling to Kenya you need to have shot of Vaccinations i.e Hepatitis B,Yellow fever.
Malaria Prophylasix tablet i.e Malarone,Mephaquine,Paludrine,Larium.
Mosquito repellant,water purifying tablets,We also supply first aid kit for a travelling family,Anti-diarrhoea tablets,if trekking a mountain and need Diamox etc just order online and it will be dlivered to you either at your hotel or office at no extra cost.save Costs of Travel Vaccines
Nurse Assistant: Having adventure to a Kenya camping safari,Team building or Coming to Kenya for safari holiday or onboard travel and need a Nurse assistant ,we are here to take care of you,You may have a disabled child,adult who needs special care we have Trained and experienced Male and female Nurses who will handle for you the care and have time to do more ....

Portal Place House, 3rd floor, Rm 310. Muindi Mbingu Street.
Sms or call on +254 724 77 94 00
Fax/Landline :254 20 2248909
email: info@kenyaonlinepharmacy.com

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Kenya Online Chemist

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Herbal medicine

Bentonite Clay available
150gms at 1,000/=Kesh
90mgs at 750/=Kesh

Within Nairobi CBD ONLY. Out of CBD we cahrge 500/=Kesh.Westlands, Upperhill, Mbsa Road, Ngong Road.
(also we deliver to all parts in Kenya and East Africa with extra charge)