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Feminine health problems have been interfering modern women’s life. Irregular menstrual cycle, pain during menses, abnormal white discharge, bad odour and itchiness are some examples. If these irritating symptoms are not treated properly, it could lead to more complications.

Functions and Benefits of Ai’Er :
Anti-inflammation : Helps to soothe inflammation.
Moisturizing : Helps to provide moisture of the feminine area.
Nourishing : Helps to provide nutrients and regulate hormonal balance.
Cleansing : Helps to remove waste from the feminine area.


Nano Calcium its 100% water soluble, not affected by gastric acid i the stomach.Its has Natural l-chelate structures, better fat soluble,dos not need the help of vitmain D3 for the binding with protein, is directly absorption rate compared with other calcium products.


Everyday, we heavily rely on computers, laptops, televisions, smart phones, tablets and so on, in office and at home for work and leisure. In fact, the rays emitted from these electrical devices may be harmful to our eyes, lead to poorer eyesight and cause various eye conditions. The eye conditions that people commonly suffer from include astigmatism, cataract, glaucoma, myopia, presbyopia, floaters, dry eye syndrome and more.

We know the importance of caring for our eyes, but it is hard to tolerate the quality of life just to protect our eyes, so here comes the easy and effective solution : K-IonSpec

How it works
K-IonSpec’s patented material and nano technology release Far Infrared Rays and Anions that can promote blood circulation and metabolism around the eyes, which help prevent and improve common eye problems. It also helps soothe the eyes and relieve tiredness by increasing oxygen supply to the eye area.

Recommendation:For best result, wear K-IonSpec for 8-10 hours per day.


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