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{hd}Welcome to the only online pharmacy where we purchase and deliver surgicals,refill first aid box for team building organizations,schools,institution,companies,vehicles

Supply of surgicals
We supply all kind of surgicals to organisation and offices.
We refill first aid kit in your working places,in vehecials and even at

First Aid is an emergency treatment administered to an injured
or sick person before professional medical care is available.
For any quotation needed send your quotation list and we are ready to attend to it Asap.
We provide people with our First Aid Kit in time of team building,
harambee,get together,camping and hiking.
If you need a nurse assistance to do that work for you, don't hestate
to let us know.Kenya Online Pharmacy we are here to serve you.
Requirements of first aid box?

1.Equipments:Gloves (surgical &latex),needles & syringes,safety pins,gauze roll &swabs,scissors,w.o.w bandages,crepe bandages,cotton wool,cotton balls,cervical collars,triangular bandage,feeding tubes,foley catheter,sutures for sticthing wounds,strapping(adhesive tape),urine bags,colostomy bags,sterile eye pads,sanitary pads,elastoplast,surgical,facemask,stethoscopes,wheelchairs.
2.Antiseptic:dettol,surgical & methylated spirit,savlon,betadine
wound spray,solution & ointment,opsite spray,ethylchloride spray(anaesthetic) good to seeze pain when being dressed or stictched,hydrogen peroxide
3.Drugs:Paracetamol (panadol extra,plain for flu,pararacetamol loose pack),hedex,actals,eno,lozenges(strepsils,merocaine,merocets,anginova ets)deep heat rub,deep heat spray,deep freeze both rub and spray,robb rub,
Blood Pressure Monitors at Home.
We suppply Blood Pressure monitors to our customers, inquire the monitor you want or if you are not sure we can advice you the best monitor to use.

Reason for home monitoring BP?

Measuring your blood pressure at home and keeping a record of the measurements will show you and your doctor how much your blood pressure changes during the day. Your doctor can use the measurements to see how well your medicine is working to control
your high blood pressure. Also, measuring your own blood pressure
is a good way to take part in managing your health.
Supply of monitor:
-Citizen upper/wrist
-Duomax-BP/Blood Sugar

Diabetic Machines:

We supply diabetic machine at an afforbable cost.
We have several types of machines in the market. We are hear to
advice you which machines are available and there strips.
NB:A machine might be available at a good cost but the strips are
not avaiulable locally, we advice people not to go for a cheaper
brand or get imported machine then they fail to get the strips of the
same and they end up changing the machines.
-Accuchek Advantange
-Accucheck Active
-Accucheck Aviva
-Accucheck Go
Strips used:
Accucheck strips
One Touch Ultra
Ascencia Elite

Delivery outside CBD we charge 500Ksh!!!

Sms or call on +254 724 77 94 00
Fax/Landline :254 20 2248909
email: info@kenyaonlinepharmacy.com

Kenya Online Chemist

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Within Nairobi CBD & airports
(also we deliver to all parts in Kenya and East Africa with extra charge)